5:00 – 7:00 PM

Acting Technique, Physical and Vocal Warm-up, Scene Study

No Charge, No Experience Necessary, Start Anytime



6:00 – 8:00 PM

Led by Hollie Laudal & Ken McNamara

This class has been running some months now with solid attendance, and we’ve heard only good things about the content and instruction.

$5 Suggested Donation, Start Anytime


7:00 – 9:00 PM

Taught by Jim Hatch


First class session April 23, (first class free, $30 per class month that)

This class is going, and growing!

Please stop by and check out this excellent class.

Info from Jim:

Acting Class at Metta Theatre

If you have always wanted to learn the craft of acting, then this class is
for you.

You will learn in a safe and positive environment and have a lot of fun.

All levels of experience are welcomed.

Jim has taught at the University level and privately for many years. He is

a working actor/director and has served as an artistic director, designer,

producer and technical director for many years. Jim is a recent arrival to
our Taos community.

For additional information please call 505-919-8697



1 – 5:30 PM

Info from Michael:

Mining Your Creative Gold

A workshop for Actors, Writers and Artists


Michael Ker


Michael Ker studied under renowned acting teacher Sandra Seacat for over a decade is only one of a handful of her students who she endorses to teach her method. He has coached countless t.v. and film actors, using Sandra’s method.


In this workshop we will explore techniques, designed to help the actor/artist make choices that spring from their Intuition, as opposed to from “their head”, with the goal of helping the participants tap their full Creative Potential.


*Dreamwork: How to interpret powerful symbols that come to you through your dreams. Extremely useful and inspiring when starting any kind of new Creative project; i.e. creating a character for an upcoming acting role and/or audition.
*Active Imagination: How to actively engage with the symbols that come to you through dreams and/or relaxation exercises to have a conversation with your Unconscious mind.
*Ritual: The next step after you have contacted the symbols from your Unconscious,
where you integrate this information (above) INTO YOUR BODY, bridging the Conscious with the Unconscious Mind, in order to help tap into your Creative Gold.


Michael Ker has been teaching Sandra Seacat’s method for over a decade, both in workshops and privately. In addition to being an acting coach and creativity teacher, he’s a also a filmmaker, published author, and Moth Story Slam winner. His knowledge of working with actors has given him the opportunity to work with some great cast members on his films, including, Never Date An Actress, staring Naomi Watts, No Insurance, staring Ivana Milicevic (lead in the t.v. series “Banshee”) & Danny Masterson (“That 70’s show”). As a screenwriter, he has sold scripts to Tucker Toole (Producer of “Don Jon” & “The Fighter”), Hunt Lowry (Producer of “Ya-Yo Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants”) and Vince Newman (Producer of “We’re The Millers”).


“Michael is one of the most Creative People I know. He is only one out of a handful of people I allow to teach my method.”
Sandra Seacat (acting teacher to Andrew Garfield, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Lange)


“Michael is a rare and amazing teacher. His training and experience allow him to work with each person to truly bring them closer to their potential. His work is authentic and I trust him to guide me inward and forward.”

                 —Corey Parker (actor, Will & Grace, Biloxi Blues & over 20 films and tv shows)


COST:                                              $60 (both days), $35 (one day)


DATE/TIME:                              Saturday & Sunday, June 27th & 28th,     from 1pm-5:30pm


LOCATION:                                  METTA THEATER   — 1470 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, 87571
575-758-1104 or mettahondo@gmail.com






10:00 – 11:45 AM

No Charge, Instruction Available

Led by Bruce McIntosh, (15 years training with Gerry Shishin Wick Roshi and Ilia Shinko Perez Sensei of Great Mountain Zen Center in Berthoud, Colorado – Mazeumi Roshi Lineage)


CREATIVE GOLD WORKSHOP led by Michael Ker  (Please see info above in Saturday Listing)

1 – 5:30 PM